Reflections on an EastEnders funeral

The Revd Sandra Millar writes… This week the funeral of the great pub landlady, Peggy Mitchell, took place in Albert Square. It was full of wonderful East End traditions, like the horse drawn bier led by the funeral conductor and the people standing by in respect. There were hints that Peggy had specified what kind […]

  • Plan your own

    The Revd David Cloake writes… I wonder if you are reading this because you have that huge task directly ahead of you – organising a funeral for a loved-one. It is rarely easy and is a massive responsibility to carry when you may never have had to do this before. . I wonder if you […]

  • Image of hearses driving through Wootton Bassett during a repatriation

    We honour those who serve

    Wootton Bassett (as it was then) hit the headlines in 2007 for the way in which it honoured the returning soldiers who had been killed in conflict. As we approach Remembrance Sunday in this centenary year of the outbreak of World War One, these reflections from the parish vicar of that time remind us of […]

  • image of Vicar greeting mourners at the church door

    The right way to go

    Jeremy Brookes writes… ‘The family has asked if you can do it, Vicar. I’m sorry – they’re not at all religious, but they seemed to think it was the right thing’. This phone conversation that I had with a local funeral director recently is similar to conversations that vicars have with funeral directors all over […]

  • Image showing a line of candles along a church path

    With you every step

    Sandra Millar writes… Ten years ago I had to organise two funerals within 6 months – first my dad, then my mum. They both died suddenly in the fullness of years. Neither of them were churchgoers, but amongst their family and friends were several Christians – not least, me, a vicar. But it was not […]