Finding your parish

Everyone in England lives in a Church of England parish. Read on to find out the information you need.

Finding a parish church is simple. You can search for a parish church by using the search tool below.

The search will show you churches within the area you have specified and display it’s address and a map of where the church is. You can then also select to see more details about that church, including contact information for that church.

All the data comes from ‘A Church Near You‘ – a national Church of England site.

Once you’re in touch, the local Church of England minister will be able to give you help and advice.

Find a Church

To find your local church, go to

Further information

  • Funeral locations

    A Church of England funeral doesn’t have to be in a church – though it can be. The church minister can lead the whole funeral service in a different place, or, a church service can be built into part of the day, wherever the funeral takes place. We can be wherever you need us to be.

  • Here for everyone

    From the moment you are in touch with us, throughout the funeral service, and for as long as you need us afterwards, we’re here for you. The Church of England is in every community, and has been helping people mark the end of life for generations. Find out here what makes a Church of England funeral special.