• Light a candle

    A warm welcome. Lighting a candle can be a helpful way to pray for someone. You can do this in a church, or here online.

    An online candle will help you think about someone who has died and pray for all those who miss them.

    Follow each step to light a candle now.

  • Take a moment to think of the person you knew.

    Reflect on the memories you have of this person and say thank you to God for their unique life.

    Now remember their family and friends, and all those who miss them. Ask God to comfort them and surround them with his love.

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  • When you are ready click on the wick to light the candle.

  • thank you

    If you would like to tell your friends and family that you have lit a virtual candle use our Facebook and Twitter buttons below. You could also encourage them to light a candle.

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  • We remember with thanksgiving those
    whom we love but see no longer.

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